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Prime Perspectives

A little bit about Prime Perspectives

Prime Perspectives use a wide range of leading equipment to achieve stunning productions

The majority of productions are provided in full HD (4K Available) and are typically delivered via online web transfer or via a USB direct in any requested format.

They prefer to shoot on high range DSLR equipment on the ground. Using a variety of lenses, 21st century sliders, tripod's, and steadycam equipment to achieve stunning productions.

When it comes to images in the sky, Prime Perspectives (AKA Aerial Filming Tasmania) work alongside Overall Photography. Overall Photography was founded in 2013 and have quickly developed a strong relationship with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) enabling quick turnaround times when it comes to aerial approvals, resulting in efficiant production. Prime Perspectives work under Overall Photography's UAV Operators Certificate (OC) and operation manuals. Strict testing environments and an exclusive partnership was developed in order to do this.

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15th Feb 2028
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Launceston, Tasmania 7250


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